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Feeling Sexy?

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to be naturally considered sexy? Extremes like Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor may have the added benefit of extraordinarily good genes, but still, even without makeup, expensive clothes, or glittery gems, they’re sexy! This applies to both men and women; see John Wayne, sexy by every definition but not at all conventionally handsome; what caused this? Take a look at your friends and acquaintances, and you may notice that many are not very attractive, but they are sexy by anyone’s definition.

10 Ways to Know What’s Sexy

1) People who are naturally sexy have a sense of self-acceptance that makes imperfections fade into the background, becoming almost invisible. They may brutally realize that they are not conventionally handsome or beautiful, but they like what they see, have accepted what life has not given them, and are perfectly comfortable in their own skin. They have learned to love themselves humbly and charmingly.

2) These people also have a real zest for life. They enjoy meeting people and are genuinely interested in what others are doing and how they feel. They take the time to let them know that they pay attention to the ups and downs and all the changes in their friend’s life. They are interested in other people and take the time to show it.

3) They often have a sense of humor that allows them to laugh at themselves and others. It’s charming and downright sexy to be able to share moments of joy, excitement and even share with someone open and fearless. They are bold and comforting in their openness, and we are naturally attracted to this kind of honesty.

4) They show a balance in awareness and pride in their sexuality. They seem to know what is appropriate and an opportunity to laugh together. They are comfortable in their own bodies and almost always make you feel good about yours. This attitude opens the door to the best sexual encounters ever.

5) They talk to you; never fall on you. Nothing makes us believe that someone is sexy more than the ability to share our hopes, dreams, and even fears and know that they are listening and participating in a non-judgmental and supportive way.

6) They can be trusted. Their words are their wand that instills magic in relationships, and they won’t break it.

7) They are confident; they believe in themselves, are critically aware of their shortcomings and strengths, and are comfortable with them.

8) They fight for you and your dreams without fear of losing you if you win. They understand that real relationships in life begin when someone they love is free to fly and come back if they so desire. No fear anymore.

9) They pay attention to what is happening in your life. Even if you don’t tell them, they seem to notice what you need and strive to provide it somehow.

10) They are not afraid to love passionately, without fear of loss or retaliation. Back to the passion for life and all that it entails!


Where does the sexy feeling begin? It starts with learning to love you, all of you, despite or for all your flaws and the best parts, and doing so with humility and joy in the process!