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You’re a sexy thing. Why do we love it?

Sex sells everything. Have a pair of jeans for sale? Put the right girl or guy in it, and everyone wants to buy it! What is it about “sexy” that captivates and sometimes enslaves us? Sexy shows are passionate, desirable, dangerous, erotic, all the words that ultimately mean “strong” somehow. Power is sexy; people who play strong roles are openly sexy. We love the power behind what this word symbolizes.

Whether you are Prince Charming or a frog, a woman or a vampire, you are not sexy until you dare to dance on edge; until you do, you are just the title role you have taken on. You have to play a position to make other people believe it. Does this mean you have to be dark and dangerous, a pole dancer, or a certain size or height? Not hard; it means you live your life fearlessly without regard to appearance or style conventions; you make it yourself and wear it well. We call it a “crutch.”

The “strut” comes from confidence. 

Faith comes naturally; we wear it like we wear our skin. We don’t have to buy it, wear it, or shine it, and we radiate it. It is a by-product of arriving at a place of acceptance of who you are and where you are in life. It’s all good, regardless of other people’s opinions. This is how a toad or vampire can be sexy. They have learned to enjoy who they are and accept where they may never go in life, and that’s OK. They are comfortable with it now.

Surprisingly, the world conspires to support you when you play this role! If you are good with things, so are they. You rule because you are no longer striving for perfection. Think it’s impossible because you’re a stay-at-home mom with kids and lots of housework, or a guy who thinks life has beaten him at the game? Think again. Sexy is achieved when you are in control. It doesn’t matter; it doesn’t matter whether it’s kids, housework, or regular work that you control. You must steer the boat with confidence.

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Look around you and see where you can speed things up and take control of the outcome. It is good to practice to be confident in what you do and how you do it. Eliminate the words “There’s nothing I can do about it” from your vocabulary. There is always something you can do to take command of the outcome of a situation, no matter how minor. Each example is an exercise to put another piece of the foundation of belief in place. You are the entry command in your life, and you become sexy when you take that position with confidence.